The Summer Pack


The Summer Pack has everything you need for a day out this Summer. Keep your pack close to you on a sunny day & be able to enjoy yourself wherever you go!

Sunscreen’s carrier oil is red raspberry seed oil which has a natural SPF of 25-50 so when you apply to your forehead, shoulders, anywhere, you will have protection with a beautiful sweet pop of scent!
Two quartz crystals, red raspberry seed oil, grapefruit, hibiscus, vanilla, lemon

When you spend too much time in the sun & end up a little pink, Sunburn is a soothing & safe way to give your skin some love. Along with coconut oil we’ve added aloe vera gel & a blend of oils to soothe away pain & this roller has a metal roller ball that will be extra cold after a few minutes in the fridge.
Two quartz crystals, pure fractionated coconut oil, aloe vera gel, lavender, roman chamomile, tea tree, peppermint

This blend is everything bugs hate but you will love. Apply to your ankles, arms, neck to keep bugs far away.
Two quartz crystals, pure fractionated coconut oil, citronella java, lemongrass, lemon balm, peppermint

Eye Flu
Named for what my father thought he had after getting Summer allergies for the first time, this blend is made to apply to inflamed sinuses & around your nose. Not only will the bright blend help open your airways but the added copaiba oil relaxes sinus pressure.
Two quartz crystals, pure fractionated coconut oil, copaiba, eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, wintergreen, lemon

Rose water sprtiz infused with morganite crystals & a blend of oils to re-freshen after a walk, work-out or even first thing in the morning!
Morganite, rose water, distilled water, lavender, roman chamomile, hibiscus


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