Hz Healing Chakra series


4-5pm Sundays in Janurary (2nd-30th)
at the Tranquility Yoga Space in Lewis Center

Hz Healing is a purposeful blend of guided meditation & sound healing using a set of crystal singing bowls. The seven bowls ring at the seven notes of the musical scale which also correspond to the seven chakras of the body. In this 5 week series we will start with simple chakra-based stretches then actively guide our minds to a point of introspection and understanding through meditation before passively exploring the healing frequencies of the seven bowls while resting lying down. This practice of balancing of our body’s energy one chakra at a time leads to an alignment of body, mind, and superconsciousness that you can incorporate into your life off your mat.

Week 1: 396 Hz – 420 Hz
Root & Sacral Chakras healing of adrenal gland, reproductive organs, blood, spleen & kidneys. Liberating guilt & facilitating change.

Week 2: 528 Hz
Solar Plexus Chakra healing of cells, DNA, digestion & liver. Transformation & miracles.

Week 3: 639 Hz
Heart Chakra healing of thymus gland, heart, lungs. Connecting relationships.

Week 4: 714 Hz
Throat Charka healing of thyroid gland, neck, & insomnia. Awakening Intuition.

Week 5: 852 Hz -963 Hz
Third Eye & Crown Chakra healing of pituitary & pineal glands, nervous system, lymphatic system, emotions & aura. Spiritual consciousness & Enlightenment.

8 spots open $90/person
or join 1 week for $20 by following this link

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